Amendment to further info on application to exhibit

This is just to draw to your attention that there has been an alteration to the further information on the application to exhibit page. We strongly advise you to read this very carefully before making your application.


7 thoughts on “Amendment to further info on application to exhibit

  1. I can’t seem to find any change and can access only this page ‘Amendment to etc.’ and the ‘Call for Artists’ poster.

    Please can you say what the amendment is or how I can find It? Thank you. Linda Rudkin

      • Thank you Jenny, that’s fine.
        Just one more question – sorry. Does the policy of no non-natural materials include supporting structures? Eg ‘Wastelines’ (belt dress) is on a mannequin which is covered in black stretch fabric but it was recycled because it needed rehoming after a college course closed down. Also, the belt fabrics and threads are all natural and natural-dyed but the buckles that I covered a silk stitching were charity shop finds (mostly metal but some plastic) and the buckram inside the belt fabric was taken from an old roll that I’d inherited. I do hope you can accept recycled, supporting materials like this. N.B. I realise that Rock Pool will not be accepted because of the synthetic water – but I I have other pieces besides which shouldn’t be contentious, I hope. What about rayon machine thread? I find machining with silk thread quite tricky but
        I think that rayon, although man-made, derives from natural sources. Sorry to be a pain, but it helps forward planning of talks, workshops etc to know which pieces might possibly be elsewhere. As you can probably tell, I really would like to be involved in this. Thank you Linda

  2. l would also like to clear up how absolute the “no synthetics/dyes” rule is – some of my reclaimed, pre-used fabrics have been previously dyed or coloured and i’m not always sure of their fibre content

    • I think it’s about using your instinct. Remember the exhibition is first and foremost about the celebration of natural processes. When you apply it might be helpful if you let us know the purposes your recycled materials serve.

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