Registration Of Interest

We are thinking that although a long way off it would be nice to get an idea of numbers of submissions for our exhibition. We are therefore asking if people could let us know if they are thinking about doing something. We do not need any details at this juncture just a register of intent. Please send this to or alternatively send a message on our facebook page.

In the meantime we can now confirm that India Flint will definitely be doing a workshop for us from 13th June to 17th of June. We will be drawing up the full workshop programme later on this yearIMG_0204


These images come from a workshop taken with India in Gloucestershire a few years ago and thoroughly recommended


2 thoughts on “Registration Of Interest

  1. Hi there

    Having recently discovered the gorgeousness of Eco printing and Fabienne’s beautiful work, I’d be thrilled to be able to take part in her upcoming workshop. How would I go about securing a place and have you got specific dates arranged?
    Very much looking forward to hearing back from you

    All best
    Sabine Abraham

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