The End of January is approaching fast

12316350_1035156119839663_6137327101698303641_nWe are aware that our deadline for submissions to the From the Earth exhibition is getting closer. We have had a lot of lovely work come to us already but we would like to see more! We would especially like to see some more 3D pieces as we have available to us some cabinets and some plinths. Above is a picture of part of the gallery. Please note that it will not be pink come the exhibition also not as cluttered. I am not sure whether it has been mentioned before but there will also be an opportunity to sell smaller items such as cards,scarves etc alongside the work.


4 thoughts on “The End of January is approaching fast

  1. Hi I have sent submissions of some of my work but haven’t managed to complete any more yet as I have other exhibitions earlier in the year, did you need pictures of all the work by the end of January.
    I have a few cards for sale as well.

    • Hi Debbie
      I should not worry too much.It is likely that space will restrict how many pieces we will be able to fit in. If your work is accepted there is scope to negotiate which pieces finally go up. I am sure we could look at completed work after the closing date.

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