The Exhibition is now Open

After much huffing and puffing and some tweaks here and there. The exhibition is now open! We are astounded by the quality of the work we have received, some of it much much nicer than in the images sent to us by the artists. I think that there is a lesson there for all of us about how we present our work, although in fairness I truly believe that naturally treated/dyed textiles are much more difficult to satisfactorily photograph than other media even by professional photographers.

For this reason I am not posting any pictures until we have seen what the professional photographer has come up with. A few nice ones that we have taken have been posted on Facebook.

Update on the workshops. We should have posted this a while back. Sadly we have had to cancel Sarah Waters Black and White felt workshop. However there are a couple of her beautiful pieces on display at our sister exhibition at ArtVanGo. There are still a couple of places on Jennys indigo and flour paste resist workshop and spaces in Fabiennes ‘Pods of Tenderness’. More details on the Workshops page.

The sister From the Earth Tutors exhibition at ArtVanGo will open on Saturday the 4th June. On that day they are also having their annual Summer Gathering where a number of practising textile artists will be present demonstrating their particular techniques ( not necessarily natural!) with opportunities to chat to them about what they do and possibly even have a go. I have heard there is also cake involved. So well worth checking out.

Definitive pics of the exhibition will be along in due course


8 thoughts on “The Exhibition is now Open

  1. I am coming to visit on Sunday, really looking forward to it, so unfortunately am going to miss the exhibition at Art Van Go, I had actually forgotten about it so a slightly untimely reminder can’t change my plans now.

  2. Hello Caroline, thanks for the information I’m hoping to come down from Sheffield on Thursday to see the exhibition and wondering If you will be there.? I saw your work in Harrogate a few years ago and would like to meet You. Regards, Viv Griffiths


    • Hi Viv
      Sadly not this week as I have my daughter staying. I hope you enjoy the exhibition and do not forget to pop into Art Van Go as there is more work on exhibition there. I do not live locally to the exhibition otherwise I would have met you thereThis year am exhibiting at the Knitting and Stitching shows as part of the group Marks and Stitch and will be at Harrogate so maybe see you there

  3. Hello Caroline,
    I visited the exhibition yesterday and found it to be very worth while, beautiful and inspiring ! I bought a small piece of your work which is a delight.
    Will you be producing a list of artists who have work in the exhibition?
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Viv
      So glad you enjoyed the exhibition. I am in the process of putting together our gallery which will list all the works, arists and appropriate links. It should be live in a few days so many things have had to be sorted out first before it vould go up!
      kind regards

  4. Visited today, much enjoyed, favourite the shibori indigo/manga stein piece. Disappointed there was no catalogue as I was visiting whilst on holiday from Australia but look forward to the forthcoming pics and info.,thanks Pamela

    • Hi Pamela
      If you go to the website the gallery is now live again. We are toying with the idea of doing a blurb publication but that will be a bit later. We would love to have had a catalogue printed but with 2 venues, workshops to organise and only 2 of us to coordinate one of whom is still working part time something had to give. Glad you enjoyed the exhibition – we are very pleased with it
      kind regards

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